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Power Point presentations and Infographics

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JustAd from Yanivt



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Banners for social media, Google ads and marketing automation campaigns

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Ghana-event-FB Obama9 SlotMachine_300X250

Digiday-banners_FB DR-banner-300X250 FST-JavaDeveloper


Cameron8 FST_F&S_banner_300X250 Publishing-Summit-FB

Trusteer-250x250_Animated FinanceSectorInsightera1 Seculert-Banner1-250X250
InfosecRussia_mail ESG_Webinar_mail CP_London_mail
Seculert-HP_RSA_banner1 Seculert-Infosecurity_Banner_LP2 WashingtonDC_Gartner_Mail
Trusteer-London_banner-LP RSA_Singapore_mail Join_us_at_TNC_to_hear_how_ECI_empowers_NRENs






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Trade shows and events


 ECI's booth at CIGRE Paris 2015 ECI's booth at AfricaCom2016


Looking for Heroes! – Theme for Sales Kick-Off event, everyone has a hero in them and can become one

SKO PPT template   SKO-Agenda  SKO Chocolate box

SKO-RU3   SKO-RU2  SKO T-Shirt

“Think Like the Bad Guys” was a theme event that travelled across EMEA and North America and discussed the threats within the organization, how can anyone be a cyber criminal.
For this event there were several items created such as email invitation, agenda, rollup banner, opening flash clip, and more.

eCrime mailer  eCrime Agenda  eCrime Rollup Banner

The SafeBet event had a Casino theme and was targeted to Israeli audience. The idea behind was that if you choose to use the company’s products you will be making a safe bet with your security measures.

SafeBet mailer  SafeBet rollup banner

MIT, Day of Entrepreneur event, was held at the Tel-Aviv University


Cartes event in France, a 3X3 meters both, made of 3 walls.



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Flash and video clips which were made for special events, promotional clips, and tutorial clips for products..

ECI Telecom’s Overview of Network Management Systems

A partners and resellers event opening clip with corporate messaging

Internal company communication clip, promoting moving into a new partners portal

A tutorial clip for sales and resellers on how to use a product on the every day living

ECI: Telco Digital Transformation – Part 1

5 easy steps tutorial clip of “how to use”, made for sales people

A tutorial clip made for sales and resellers on the subject “Man in the Browser”

This clip is a summary of 2007 which opened an event

An event opening clip


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Printed Advertisements

Who do you trust? advert  Van-Leer capital venture  Software Rights Management, Turkey

Protect Your Properties, Mexico  Too many passwords to remember  Software Protection collection, Australia

Aladdin & CheckPoint cooperate  Women medical research tests, Eve  PCI Compliance Solution

Data Protection advert


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Logos made for several companies in the fields of Bio, Hi-Tech and Business Consaltancy. Others were made to promote events and campaigns.

Promining Therapeutics Ltd. Ocon Medical SCTherapeutics Eye-Yon Medical


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Aladdin Knowledge Systems company profile Authentication business unit brochure Authentication product family brochure Content-Security products family brochure Midot_Company_Brochure

Promotional Postcards

Promotional postcard for NG-Flash token Promotional postcard - Adapting in a changing world Product promotional postcard for an event

Data Sheets

Promotional flyer for a product upgrade A security product promotional flyer An anti-spam promotional flyer Single-Sign-On promotional flyer



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Email marketing design – Some where designed using Hubspot, html code
and some just as a graphic layout. 







Set_up_a_meeting_with_ECI_at_WDM_Nice_Mail AfricaCom_Inv CostaRica_inv London_STD



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